End of (Summer) Days


The Melrose Farmer’s Market is my favorite, and not just because it’s close to my apartment.  The people are friendly, the prices are right, and there’s enough selection for you to get whatever you came for, and try something new.  If you’ve never been to the bread guy there, do yourself a favor and take a trip to see him.  He always looks like he’s a little sunburned, or like he gets in the oven with the bread, but he’s the best.  And so is his bread.

On one end of the market is a stand that has something new every week, in addition to the usual fresh bok choy and gai-lan (Chinese broccoli, and no, I didn’t have to look up it’s proper name. I’m, like, way cultured).

This past Sunday it was a whole table full of fresh heirloom tomatoes.  To me, tomatoes are the taste of Summer.  Refreshing, sweet, cool, with a scent just makes me want to be in a garden.  I burn tomato-scented candles during the winter, that’s how much I love the smell.

Sunday also happened to be the last day of summer 2014. September is that time where we start to notice the sun setting a little earlier, the weather starts being a little cooler (unless you are here in LA where it’s still in the 80s), and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes start appearing on Starbucks menus.  It doesn’t matter how old you are, when Autumn comes around it feels like it’s time to get back to work, even if you didn’t have a summer vacation.

Anyway, this table smelled amazing, and these tomatoes were all so perfectly ripe that I bought a bunch and made some pico de gallo with them, and maybe just ate one of them like an apple, because they were irresistible.  But the season is over yet again, and we must move on.

So goodbye beautiful tomatoes, peaches, and nectarines. It’s time to part ways for now, but I’ll see you again.  Until then I will have to sustain myself on squashes, apples, pears, stews, pumpkin spice lattes…hmm….actually, no rush. Take your time coming back, k?  XOXO


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