Meatloaf by the Sea

Meatloaf.  It’s such a terrible name for such a delicious dish.

I mean, yes, it’s a loaf of ground meat, so it’s an accurate description, but anything with the word “loaf” in it isn’t going to sound appetizing.

Meatloaf has been around for centuries.  So every bite is like eating a piece of history. Or something.

When I was growing up, meatloaf sounded like something gross, and pictures always made it look super dry, or there were peas in it or something, and what kid likes peas?  It also always seemed to have ketchup on it, in some sort of decorative pattern, and to this day I still think it’s super freaky that ketchup doesn’t melt in a 350 degree oven.

These, however, I have learned to appreciate meatloaf in all its forms.  It’s a delicious dish, with almost endless ways to make it.  You can change the types of meat or vegetables involved.  Switch up the seasonings. You can make it in a loaf pan, you can free form it, you can make miniature versions, you can even make it into cupcakes!  You can make it healthy, and most importantly, it’s an easy way to feed a family, or just yourself (for days!). The fun never ends!

For example, this past weekend my family went on a mini-retreat to the beach.  It’s hard to do anything but sit and stare at the ocean from the beach house, but when it came time for dinner, we decided to keep it simple and make a turkey meatloaf.

My sister picked out this recipe: Turkey Meatloaf with Feta and Sun-Dried Tomatoes.

It took about 15 minutes to throw together and 45 to cook, and we had dinner for 12 ready to go.

IMG_6580It looks delicious even before it’s cooked!

It looks even more delicious when it’s finished!

Obviously you need mashed potatoes and green beans to complete the classic look.


And then after we were all satiated, we went back to looking at this:


Can you blame us?


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