It’s McRib Season!


With Halloween finally over, we get to think about the holidays, and lots of food, and Black Friday doorbusters, and presents.  It’s really my favorite season.

It also brings back that mythical fast food delight known as the McRib at McDonalds.  Those moist, delectable, boneless ribs, the crisp, tart pickles, the crunchy onions, and light fluffy bun, and of course that legendary, sublime, barbecue sauce.  It’s literally the most perfect food that has ever been created!

At least that’s what they want you to believe.  If you’ve ever actually purchased a McRib, you know that what’s in the wrapper looks nothing like this:

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 6.08.50 PM

And it will most likely kill you.

Fortunately, it’s really nothing more than a barbecue pork sandwich, and it’s a quick, delicious meal, when done right.  There are plenty of copycat McRib recipes, but when it comes down to it, it’s five ingredients: Pork, barbecue sauce, onions, pickles, and a bun.  The best part is you can make the pickles and barbecue sauce yourself and it tastes even better!

I know there are a zillion copycat recipes and ones that use actual ribs and all that but in this case I find simpler is better.

First you’ve got to make some barbecue sauce. It’s not as complex as it sounds, you just toss a few ingredients in a pot and let it simmer.

IMG_6761Okay maybe more than a few. I used this recipe from Half Baked Harvest.

Then you can fry up some of those thin cut pork chops.


Then just drench the cooked pork in the barbecue sauce, add some pickles, freshly cut onions, and put it atop a toasted bun and you get:


I mean…

Listen. Do yourself a favor and make this the next time you want a McRib. You’ll be way more satisfied, less likely to have a heart attack, and please everyone at your eating table.

NOTE: This is my favorite recipe for some quick pickling: Spicy Dill Quick Pickles.  Super, super easy, and really they’re good after a few hours let alone overnight, and they only get better with time!

Okay before I go, one more close up of this delicious sandwich:




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