Wishlist Wednesday

This week we want everything from salami, to cocktails, to adorkable mugs.

1.  Olympic Provisions Salami of the Month Club

Salami of the Month

Salami is one of my favorite things.  If you have it on a charcuterie plate at a party, I have to stop myself from eating it all.  So what could be better than receiving a new salami every month? Portland-based Olympic Provisions’ Salami of the Month Club is perfect for your meat-loving friend (me).

Buy it here.

2.  Alien Sightings Salt & Pepper Set

Salt & Pepper Shaker

It’s just like an alien invasion but instead of destroying the planet, this UFO brings some otherworldly flavor.

Available at Dot & Bo.

3. Pacific Pickle Works Bloody Mary Elixir

Bloody Mary Elixir

I took a class at The Cocktail Lab late last year, all about making the perfect Bloody Mary.  It was a great time, met some really great people, and most importantly discovered Pacific Pickle Works.  In addition to making amazing pickles, they make this Bloody Mary Elixir that is phenomenal.  It’s everything you want in a Bloody Mary, just add your favorite tomato juice.  I took this little bottle home for the holidays, and my family enjoyed it for days.  I want to add it to everything I cook, it’s that good.

Available at The Cocktail Lab, or at Pacific Pickle Works.

4. Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 8.16.13 AM

Speaking of The Cocktail Lab, my new favorite store, this Penguin Cocktail Shaker stares at me every time I walk in, daring me to take him home.  I’ve resisted his charms so far, but one day I’ll probably give in.

You can take him home from here.

5. Tea Rex Mug



There are two things I love in life: Dinosaurs, and a good pun.  Actually a third thing: mugs.  My boyfriend will tell you I have too many mugs, and I say not enough!  Honestly I can’t stand how cute this is and I might just go buy it right now.  TEA REX!  RARRRRRR!


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