Oven Risotto (because, who has the time?)

There’s something so warming about risotto. It’s creamy, and carb-y, and Italian…y.  All delicious things.

But I can’t say risotto is my favorite thing. I never crave it. I never order it at restaurants. When I do have it, sure, it’s delicious, but I don’t fall over in my chair because it’s so good.

I know people who are obsessed with it, people who love spending an hour standing at their stove, slowly adding broth to their special risotto pan in order to coax out the creaminess of the rice.

Me, I’m lazy. If I’m going to make risotto, I want a faster way to do it.  Fortunately, I read a lot of food magazines, and found a promising recipe for Oven Risotto with Kale Pesto! I figured I’d give it a try, to see if it would change my mind on the dish.

It starts with cooking some onions and then adding in a cup of arborio rice.


White on White


Then, like any good risotto, you have to add wine.


Let’s see, 1/4 cup for the dish…leaves the rest of the bottle for me!

Yes, you do have to stir it here, but only for a few minutes until the wine is absorbed. You then add some hot water, and a little seasoning, and it’s ready to go in the oven.


While that’s cooking away, it’s time to make the pesto, which starts out with grinding toasted walnuts and some garlic.


Garlic nuts. That’s a thing right?


Then in goes kale, some parsley, chives, and of course olive oil.


Literally adding layers of flavor


Process that down and you are left with a beautiful dark green pesto that is full of flavor.


At least this part is healthy!

Now you can pull the risotto out of the oven. It should be a little undercooked.


All the creamy, half the time.

Now here is where it gets fun. You add the pesto and a few tablespoons of butter to the rice.


It’s about to get better.

But there’s something missing. What is it?  Oh right.


Cheese is an important food group


You have to cover it with parmesan cheese!  Duh.  Then you stir it all together, and add the rest of the kale you have.


Green means healthy, right?


Doesn’t that look delightful?

The verdict is in: I still don’t love risotto.  But, this was actually a very tasty dish, and for the amount of work put in, very satisfying.  I’d even serve it at a dinner party, I was that happy with it. One of these days I’ll try making real risotto, I’m sure.  Or find someone who will make it for me. But until then I have a lot of leftovers to eat my way through.

Recipe is here, from Bon Appétit: Oven Risotto with Kale Pesto





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