Beans & Kale & Shrooms & Wine. Repeat: WINE.

The week of healthy eating continues!

Today we’re tackling a super healthy, yet very flavorful, side dish. As I’ve mentioned before, I happen to love kale. It’s so good for you, so green, and is delicious raw or cooked. I also happen to love mushrooms, which are also very good for you and full of healthy vitamins.

It turns out finding a recipe combining these two vegetables is easy, because, I mean, come on, they’re a perfect match! I came across the perfect side dish by Giada, which is healthy, and good amount of flavor. Great for a weeknight or entertaining guests.  Or entertaining guests on a weeknight.

It begins, as most tasty things do, with sauteeing some onions.


Add in chopped green beans and mushrooms and cook for a few minutes.


Oh, and a little white wine.  Did I mention there’s wine? There’s wine.

After the wine cooks out a little bit, we add in some kale, red chili flakes, and some parmesan.




Ta dah! A delicious, healthy side dish, and a great way to get your greens. You could serve it with a nice steak or chicken, or you could even have it with some quinoa I suppose to make it a main dish. However you serve it, enjoy it, and know that you’re doing your body some good!

Oh, also, you’ll have a good amount of wine leftover. Enjoy that too!

Recipe can be found here.


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