Pancakes for Dinner

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Though, it’s a Tuesday after a holiday weekend so it feels like Monday, so, happy…Muesday?

Today’s story involves pancakes. Not the sweet breakfast kind, but the savory, salty kind.  But to understand how this came to be we have to go back in time.  Way back…to, like, five months ago.

That’s when I was lounging around watching Giada at Home and saw her recipe for Soccas with Kale and Raisins.  I mostly wanted to make it because of how she said it.  “SO-cahhhhh.”  It involved garbanzo flour-based crepes wrapped around a savory filling.  In theory, it looked great. In reality, I over-salted it and was bloated for days.  Made correctly, I am sure it is delicious.

But I was left with all this garbanzo flour and wanted to do something with it. Thankfully, it was Bon Appétit to the rescue!  January’s issue had a recipe for Chickpea Pancakes with Leeks, Squash, and Yogurt, that looked positively mouth watering, and gave me a reason to use up this flour.

First you need to slice up some leeks (sidenote: I love leeks!)


You also need to grate a cup of squash, like butternut squash, but heeeelllll no I’m not going to do that by hand!  That’s why I have a food processor!


10 seconds, and it’s done!

Next you sauté the leeks and squash together for about 8 to 10 minutes so that the leeks are just browned, and the squash just cooked.


While that’s cooling a bit, mix the garbanzo flour with an egg and some baking powder to make a simple batter.


Finally, combine the veggies with the batter, and start frying it up!


You cook them just like regular pancakes.  When little bubbles form around the edges you can flip them and make sure they’re nice and browned.

When they’re done, serve them with a dollop of plain yogurt, which helps to balance out the salty goodness with some cooling freshness.


These are great as a main dish, or you could add some roasted vegetables onto it to make it more substantial of a meal, but either way, they’re a great, simple meal!

Chickpea Pancakes with Leeks, Squash, and Yogurt from Bon Appétit.