The What?

I love to eat.

And be honest, deep down, you do too.

“Dining” sounds so formal.  It conjures up images of those dinner scenes on Downton Abbey, fine dish ware, polite conversation, and too many forks by your plate.

“Eating,” however, is more casual.  It’s fun.  You do it with friends, family, and you do it on a daily basis.  Chances are you eat at your kitchen table, or in front of the TV while watching Dancing with the Stars.  Basically anywhere but your designated “dining table.”

This, people of Earth, is your Eating Table.  The place where you go to eat and be yourself. And it’s where the real fun is.

I love to cook, but there’s plenty I’m still learning about.  I love to eat, yet there’s plenty my palate is still learning about.  There is amazing food out there to find, make, and enjoy, and it all provides a different experience.  That’s what this blog is about: The experience of eating, in all its forms.

So lets sit at our Eating Table and see what we can enjoy together!


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